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eye doctor

There are many kinds of eye doctors. Which are known as the ophthalmologist and optometrist. There is a great difference between the two categories concerning the function performance by them. Basic differences between ophthalmologists and optometrists are given below in detail.


The eye doctor whose main function is to diagnose and examine the eye is known as an optometrist.   The optometrist is such an eye doctor who provides the health care routine for eyes to patients. Limited surgeries are done by these eye doctors.


The education period of an eye doctor who wanted to become an optometrist is about four years. The post-graduation also depends on the school and the curriculum.

The curriculum for this type of eye doctor include:

  • The eye doctor must know the exam technique.
  • The optometrist must be know the client’s case and previous history.
  • Eye doctor must know some of the additional courses like pharmacology and natural science which includes the study of optics.


A person can visit the optometrist in malvern for a regular eye check-up. A person visits an eye doctor for medication and contacts prescription.  An optometrist recommended the preferable eye treatment.

  • These eye doctors prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses, and needed eye aids.
  • Optometrists provide services for medical treatment and many other surgical procedures of an eye condition.
  • These eye doctors suggest post-surgical eye maintenance.
  • These eye doctor sometimes perform other functions like laser eye surgery, foreign body removal and also participate in surgical intervention.



The eye doctor who performs surgical procedures on the eye is known as the ophthalmologist. They are also known as eye surgeons.  These eye surgeons perform kind’s kind of surgery in which they are trained.


These eye surgeons require four to seven years for the completion of the degree. Because the ophthalmologist practices the surgery to get the command on it.

The curriculum includes:

  • These eye surgeons must know the method to diagonal the disease that occurs internally or externally regarding optic nerve and eye muscles.
  • The ophthalmologist also knows the method for the management of eye disorders.
  • The curriculum of the ophthalmologist includes all kinds of surgical training for eye disease.

Moreover, these eye surgeons perform one-year internships, in which they take hand care of different patients under supervision.


These eye surgeons also perform the same function as the Optometrist but one step higher than them. You can also visit these eye surgeons for a regular check-up as you go to an optometrist.

Ophthalmologist also performs the function of performing surgeries on the eye.

  • These eye surgeons do surgical procedures for diseased eyes.
  • These eye surgeons also tell care for the eye as done by the
  • These eye surgeons require more than twelve years for the specialization so that the ophthalmologist can perform crucial and in-depth procedures.
  • Point to be noted that both ophthalmologists and optometrists are eye doctors who can perform eye surgery and treatment based on the training and practice. For more information please Click here.