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Art And Its Origin

Art captivates the eye of every human being and for some of us, it captures our hearts too.  Visual Art is not just a painting- it tells us a story. It tugs at our heartstrings and is powerful enough to attract and lure any person in its charm. Art can depict anything the artist wants it to depict, the artist does not need to communicate with words, all he needs is a canvas, a set of paint and he would just work his magic. To appreciate art, you don’t need to know its history, but if you are a historical fanatic, there is no such thing as too much history right?

Stone age Art:

The early Homo sapiens from 3000 BCE started drawing and painting on the walls of the caves. They used to sketch realistic drawings of animals and humans. Aboriginal art symbols were also discovered in caves of Indonesia and Europe and their life was estimated which went back to the 3000 BCE. Bradshaw paintings were also discovered in the caves of Western Australia.

Mesolithic Art:

Once human beings were provided with better conditions for living, the quality of art got better. They were far more understandable and provided a keen spectrum on what the painting is trying to portray. Because of the change in climatic conditions, the art was not restricted to caves only, and paintings were seen on various locations scattered from Europe to Asia. A lot of historians think that the locations were not picked randomly but maybe they held certain importance to them. During the Stone Age era, paintings were based on animals. However, in the Mesolithic times,the paintings portrayed humans involved in hunting and certain other glorified activities.

Egyptian Art:

The Egyptians provided a breakthrough in the medieval arts. Even though the paintings were meant to be sacred and unseen by any other civilization, they consisted of the proper depiction of the human body. They further made statues to honor the dead. Statues were made to perform the rituals and while some of the statues were made to directly face the people performing rituals, some of the statues are made where they look sideways or anywhere else except directly at the Egyptian population. These were made to honour the elite Egyptians who passed away. A lot of products were designed for the lesser fortunate among the population too but none of them were beautiful enough to display in museums.

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